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If We Won’t Fly It, We Won’t Sell It!!

​​​TopFlight Flagpoles


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Orenco Flags is proud to carry and use the TopFlight all Aluminum extendable flagpole. These poles are great for Homes, Business's, or Tailgating. Easy set up and durability makes the SunSetter Flag Pole, the pole of choice.

 Top Flight Flag Poles are available in Anodized Aluminum, White Enamel, or Bronze Baked Enamel.

Anti-Theft and locking collars help prevent theft and accidental telescoping action.

 The Revolutionary SunSetter Telescoping Flagpole soars up to a full 20 feet tall in less than 10 seconds!

Four sections "nest" inside each other. You can extend each of them easily, thanks to their patented low-friction action. As you raise each section, they "click" and lock securely into place.

  • No ropes to rot, tangle, or bang in the wind.
  • No exposed hardware to rust or corrode.
  • Clean, simple lines provide a professional appearance.100% aircraft-grade aluminum is super strong and handsome.
  • Pole carries a 5 year Limited Warranty, the best in the industry.
  • Deck, Dock or Wheel Mounts Available.
  • TopFlight poles comes with a heavy-duty locking ground sleeve, and double harness for flying two flags, or one flag at half mast.
  • The only flag pole that earned the prestigious, Good Housekeeping Seal.
  • ​All Poles come with a 3 X 5 American Flag