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How Tall of a windsock pole do I need?

Based on a 6' person, these are about the heights you can base your needs on. Most RVs are about 12 feet or less and a standard ranch home is between 12-14 feet. These heavy duty windsock poles are great for boat docks, patio decks, beach homes, sand dunes, tailgating and much more. If you are in higher wind area's, consider an extra heavy duty windsock pole. Here

22' pole shown below.

Our 19' Heavy Duty Poles in action

16 Foot windsock pole

10 Foot windsock pole


13 Foot windsock pole


​​In The Breeze Heavy Duty Windsock Poles

Our 19' Heavy Duty Windsock Poles with 16' banners in a strong wind.

Like our Heavy Duty 19' Pole, the Blue Heavy Duty Telescoping Poles feature durable reinforced fiberglass and come with a swiveling eyelet tip and banner clip at the base. These telescoping poles are easy to assemble and come with a fabric bag for easy transport and storage. Perfect, for use on your patio deck, garden, dock, beach, RV or campsite. An exciting way to display your favorite flag, windsock, or outdoor decor.

  • Durable, reinforced fiberglass construction
  • Features a swiveling eyelet tip and banner clip at base
  • Easy twist to tighten assembly
  • Reusable bag for transport and storage
  • For use with flags, windsocks and other outdoor hanging decor

22 Foot Heavy Duty Windsock Pole mounted on an RV Ladder

​​​​​Heavy Duty Windsock Poles

19 Foot windsock pole


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If We Won't Fly It, We Won't Sell It!

Heavy Duty windsock poles from In The Breeze range from 10' to 22'. These Blue telescoping fiberglass windsock poles collapse down to less than 48" for convenient storage and transport. Great to fly your team colors, military colors, spinners or windsocks. Great for RVs, Camping,Tailgating or Home use. Set up these Blue Windsock poles in less than 5 minutes. These make great flag poles too! All poles are equipped with a swiveling eyelet at the tip for tangle free flying of your windsocks or spinners. Poles are also equipped with a banner clip at the base. Available in 10' 13' 16' 19' and 22'. 

Looking for a taller heavier duty pole? We carry extra heavy duty windsock poles as well.
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Ground Mounts sold separately. Save on shipping and purchase a concrete stake at your local hardware store. These heavy duty windsock poles require at least a 24" - 36" stake with at least 1/2 of the stake driven into the ground. 

Tip: To prevent premature damage to poles, wrap tape around the hammer end of the ground mount or add a rubber tip to the end.

Warning: Make sure poles and stakes do not come in contact with underground or overhead power lines.