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​​If We Won't Fly It, We Won't Sell It!


If We Won't Fly It, We Won't Sell It!!


Certified American Made Military flags by Orenco Flags. These officially Licensed military flags are second to none and are proudly Made in America.

Our most often used military service flags include Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. The military flag offering also includes Merchant Marine and Coast Guard with the U.S. Marine Corps. flag being the most often ordered and by far the most popular. These groups of military flags are available in several sizes ranging from 2' X 3' to 20' X 30' and even larger sizes as a custom product. The heavy duty nylon and 2 ply polyester military flags are the best for outdoor use and provide users with the assurance of long-lasting durability and beauty. The outdoor flag products are manufactured to exacting specifications, under strict quality control. We design and construct fabrics that are durable in the face of the sun, cold, and rain. Our outdoor military flag material is high in tensile strength to withstand wind and harsh weather conditions.

The nylon military flags are the most popular material. The 2 ply polyester will hold up longer in high wind areas but typically cost a little more to purchase.

Military Flags Made in the USA


American Made Military Flags